Tech Lady Tuesday!

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Really? This lady is truly ok with the picture she helped this jerk print? Ugh.

Tech Lady Tuesday!

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Oh my goodness this picture makes me laugh:

I’m sorry, but he’s so giddy and she’s so pissed and she’s just staring at him like she can’t BELIEVE she slept with him and now he’s playing this game like the loser he clearly is and why did she think getting into this photo shoot would help her career to begin with…so much drama here.

We Need Better Managers, Not More Technocrats

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Harvard Business Review:

Reblogging this ’cause I really dug it.

Originally posted on HBR Blog Network - Harvard Business Review:

Digital technology is the biggest agitator of the business world today. Mobile technology, social media, cloud computing, embedded devices, big data, and analytics have radically changed the nature of work and competition.  And digital innovations will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Technology has tremendous potential to be the engine of increasing human, organizational, and economic prosperity.

However, digital technology is not the true story. Digital transformation is. Fulfilling technology’s potential will require leaders to recreate the way their institutions operate in a world of digital ubiquity. Leaders need to engage their people in a process of redefining how they work and what their companies do. Digital transformation is therefore the key managerial imperative for today’s business leaders.

So, are large corporations – or, more specifically, the leaders of those firms – ready to face the challenge? Or as Richard Straub of the Peter Drucker Society of Europe puts the question, “are managers…

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Tech Lady Tuesday!

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What a go-getter!

I dig this lady. She takes matters into her own hands to get a story, even if it means getting a scrappy little boat to take her down the Amazon. And check out the Mom up there! She can’t wait to get footage of that human pyramid.

Moto Monday! (Motivation for your Monday)

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Because to me, a new academic year is a season. A new season to ROCK. IT. OUT.

NASPA announces Sexual Assault Prevention campaign. #SApledge

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This morning, President Barack Obama announced a sexual assault awareness campaign called “It’s On Us”. The campaign, which focuses on college and university campuses, challenges everyone to see sexual assault prevention as their personal responsibility. As a student affairs professional, you know how critical and complex this issue is.

As your professional association, NASPA supports the campaign and is asking student affairs professionals around the globe to sign a pledge. The pledge, called the #SApledge, lists ways that we, as student affairs professionals, can be part of the solution to end gender-based violence.

Please join us by pledging your commitment to end gender-based violence. We already know you are committed to this issue – let’s show the world that student affairs professionals are part of the solution. We hope to collect thousands of signatures by the end of the year. To learn more about the It’s On Us campaign, please visit the NASPA violence prevention website. Also, for your reference, I have included the full text of the pledge below:

I pledge:

  • To learn and talk openly about sexual assault, related forms of gender-based violence, and their basis in inequality with my colleagues and students.
  • To speak out, challenge, and seek to change negative gender stereotypes, sexism, and rape culture when I see them in myself or on my campus.
  • To listen to, believe, and assist victims of gender-based violence to continue and succeed in their education.
  • To work with colleagues and students to educate our campuses on how to prevent violence and the inequalities that create violence.
  • To be part of the solution to end all forms of gender-based violence on my campus and beyond.

You can also help us reach thousands by participating in our It’s On Us campaign Thunderclap event. A Thunderclap amplifies a single message and reaches beyond your social circle. Join our Thunderclap now by clicking here, and your message will be published next Friday, Sept. 26th at 2:00 p.m. EST. Join us at that time @NASPAtweets to keep the conversation going!

When you sign the pledge, you will also have the opportunity to share the ways your institution is preventing gender-based violence on campus. Sign the #SApledge. Share your story. Make a difference. Take a stand against sexual assault and all gender-based violence.


Kevin Kruger, Ph.D.
President, NASPA

Tech Lady Tuesday!

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It is a little image today, but I’m drawn to this one because of the view, the two women in the photo seem awesome. I want to go have a drink with them after work. They actually look to be working and maybe – just maybe – the woman standing is the boss. That would be great.

Blog Post :: SA Women Talk Tech ::

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Originally posted in the Student Affairs Women Talk Tech blog.

By Jennifer Keegin

These types of posts are usually about what’s on our desktop..and or desk. However, my desktop is boring except for my super awesome desktop background which is in itself an organizational tool. But today I’m in the mood to cover the other half of this challenge. My desk. The literal top of my desk.

Last year the entire Dean of Students area was facing a transition and it was asked of all staff to consider moving around rethinking our spaces. Long story short, I gave up a perfectly good office with windows for a space with no windows and concrete walls. Folks on video conference calls said I looked like I was in jail.

However, there was a silver lining to the whole thing. I was given the chance to buy new furniture of my choosing since the room was empty to start with. This was a great compromise and I moved immediately.

This picture will tell you the rest of the story.

JK desktop

1. My desk is the bomb.
2. My chairs are the most awesome and I’ve decided they are in the shade of my new favorite color.
3. Staples came out with a line of products in the same shade and I was ecstatic.
4. You’ll see remote controls since I’m in charge of the 13 televisions downstairs from my office in the food court.
5. I told you my desktop is boring. Its actually a new computer and I don’t have a good screensaver loaded.
6. The rest of the mess are maps, binders and related items all for this week’s events. I have outdoor movies tonight, an outdoor concert with Ferris Wheel tomorrow night, and an all day University Fest event Saturday. WHOO Wee.

Seriously though, as I look at this picture, it really does tell you so much about me. Especially me in an incredibly busy time at work.

For those of you who have already jumped the Welcome Week hurdle – Congrats. For those entering the fray – LET’S DO THIS.

Student Affairs Grumpy Cat

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Jennifer Keegin:

Love this so much I’m reblogging it. Student Affairs Grumpy Cat!!!!

Originally posted on Pb.log by @paulgordonbrown:


He is your inner monologue that you hide to provide the veneer of positivity in everyday situations… He is the  Student Affairs Grumpy Cat.




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Here’s something to be grateful for—there was no Facebook and Twitter on 9/11

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Jennifer Keegin:

Tech and where it was and what it wasn’t on 9/11.

Originally posted on Quartz:

When I think about New York City in the aftermath of 9/11, I think about those “missing” persons posters taped by desperate relatives to streetlights and storefronts and scaffolding. I think about the candlelight vigils that filled Union Square night after night, and about the proliferation of American flags: Every corner bodega seemed to have one and every taxicab, too. I recall how scary it was to get on the subway (for fear of a bomb), and how scary it was to open the mail (for fear of anthrax).

It was all so raw, so terrifying—and it was all so analog.

After all, this was three years before Facebook, four years before YouTube, five years before Twitter, six years before the iPhone, and nine years before Instagram. So there were no anguished tweets or status updates from those trapped on the upper floors of the Twin Towers. There were no…

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