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Organizational Desktop Wallpapers.

So I have dolled up my Desktop and I’m in love.


Organization and Colorful Fun! All part of some spring cleaning, I managed to find this online after wondering if such a thing existed. In doing so, I found many different types of pages that I really liked and decided to share.

Ryan O’Connell from Campus Labs also suggests:

So check Fences in that link above. It looks really cool.

Here are some more examples:

dressyourtech1 Get it here.

desktop_1024x768Get it here.

Desktop_OrganizerGet it here.

desktop-organizer_wallpaper_1024x768_enCA Get it here.

desktop squaresGet it here.

desktopchalk Get it here.

 Get it here.

Get it here.

Have fun getting colorful and organized. Let me know if you have more to share!

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