My favorite iOS 10 Feature

Audio won’t stop playing when the Camera app is open Speaking of music, and audio in general, iOS 10 finally fixes one of the more frustrating aspects of iOS 9. For whatever reason, Apple in iOS 9 thought it would be a good idea to completely pause all audio playback when a user opens up the … Continue reading My favorite iOS 10 Feature


Hidden Figures = Tech Lady Awesomeness

I am so excited that "Hidden Figures" has been made and that the preview for this REAL LIFE Tech Lady (and other Ladies!!!) is finally out: Starring Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer & Janelle Monáem, this movie will be coming to theaters in January. This movie is about Katherine Johnson, the African American physicist, space … Continue reading Hidden Figures = Tech Lady Awesomeness

Video: Why is THIS Trending?

This video is literally so right on - I don't think I've ever seen anything encapsulate an aspect of my Twitter experience so well. Twitter is still my social media of choice, and I am always looking to see what's trending and this skit sums it up perfectly. I mean PERFECTLY.  

Tech Lady Tuesday: International Women’s Day 2016 Edition Tweet Roundup!

Can you name any women inventors? We asked girls who love science this question. #IWD2016 #MakeWhatsNext— Microsoft (@Microsoft) March 7, 2016 // Thank you Michelle for your relentless curiosity. #InternationalWomensDay #IWD2016 #STEM— 3M (@3M) March 8, 2016 // #OneDayIWill #JourneyToMars. Meet four women who can't wait to go: #InternationalWomensDay— NASA (@NASA) March … Continue reading Tech Lady Tuesday: International Women’s Day 2016 Edition Tweet Roundup!

Organizational Desktop Wallpaper ROUNDUP #2

A number of years ago I created a post about organizational desktop backgrounds and it has been one of the most popular articles on my site. I recently came across a few new ones that I really really liked, so I thought I'd write a new post featuring some new fun backgrounds. This is the … Continue reading Organizational Desktop Wallpaper ROUNDUP #2

Super Bowl Halftime Show Time Lapse

Click post to see it... Post by Natalie Sigmon.