This is Privilege.

Due to the fact that this is a Facebook video, I cannot have a direct player to this video - but it is a MUST WATCH. This is a group of young students who are getting taught about how small factors in our lives (beyond our control) give us privilege that others do not have … Continue reading This is Privilege.


Repost for #ACUIDayofGiving. What’s YOUR #ACUIlegacy?

<< previous postnext post >> Posted October 14, 2014 by Jennifer Keegin #ACUIlegacy We speak with student leaders about leaving a legacy. Usually we start the discussion around the end of their junior year, and then once again somewhere during their senior year when they need a pick me up. We talk them through their … Continue reading Repost for #ACUIDayofGiving. What’s YOUR #ACUIlegacy?

5 Bases of “Hamilton” Power

This semester I'm teaching a class that's part of a 2 credit internship experience called the "Dean's Team". Campus Activities is part of the larger Dean of Students Office here at Binghamton University, so this team of student leaders supports events in all of our departments. It's my first time working with this group, and … Continue reading 5 Bases of “Hamilton” Power

Motivational Monday :: Video

Here's your inspiration and motivation for this week:

A Student Affairs Event Planner’s Prayer

Dear Sweet Baby Jesus, As Physical Facilities spends their day toiling in the muggy heat with annoying little flying bugs swarming in the damp grass, I pray that you give them strength to finish their task and patience to deal with me and my exactly-planned-out map of where every single table should go. All 350 … Continue reading A Student Affairs Event Planner’s Prayer

Hidden Figures = Tech Lady Awesomeness

I am so excited that "Hidden Figures" has been made and that the preview for this REAL LIFE Tech Lady (and other Ladies!!!) is finally out: Starring Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer & Janelle Monáem, this movie will be coming to theaters in January. This movie is about Katherine Johnson, the African American physicist, space … Continue reading Hidden Figures = Tech Lady Awesomeness