My Student Development Philosophy

Let me just say that this page alone (when it was a stand alone page) has brought many many folks to this website. I just hope that what I’ve written serves as a jolt to help you craft your own philosophy of student development. You can snake mine…but you really need to do some soul … Continue reading My Student Development Philosophy


Level Up! Unlocking the Power of Digital Engagement in Higher Education | Ed Cabellon | TEDxBSU

Enjoyed this talk by Ed Cabellon this morning.

We we say we engage with students…

"When we say we engage with students, what we mean at a commonsense level is that we listen to them, and think about them, and get to know them quite well." from article by Music for Deckchairs. Especially if your #1 strength is Individualism with a close #2 of Developer. Zowza. How are you going to … Continue reading We we say we engage with students…