We we say we engage with students…

“When we say we engage with students, what we mean at a commonsense level is that we listen to them, and think about them, and get to know them quite well.” from article by Music for Deckchairs. Especially if your #1 strength is Individualism with a close #2 of Developer. Zowza.

How are you going to up your game this semester with your students? How are you going to get them to engage more with your office and how are you going to go out of your way to engage with students? Will it be more one on one time? More engagement through Social Media? Got goals?

I’m going to share our “one goal” that we developed for the Campus Activities area:

To improve communication with students, faculty, staff and parents in regards to events, event planning policy and procedures, and the importance of getting involved outside of the classroom.
Steps needed to meet goal:
1. Late Nite will continue to grow its following on Facebook and Twitter.
2. Campus Activities will renew its commitment to posting on its Facebook and Twitter sites on a regular basis.
3. Campus Activities will start a blog where articles regarding events, leadership topics, and information on getting involved will be shared.
4. An event planning Resource Guide will be created to keep the Binghamton University community aware of all policies & procedures relevant to event hosting.
5. Articles will be routinely submitted to the Parent Newsletter in regards to Campus Activities programs.
6. The Late Nite office/DOS Meeting room will be examined as to best use of space to incorporate more services that can be offered.
7. Reintroduce marketing of Campus Activities office after Resource Guide is online and live.
8. Jennifer, as Associate Director, will be listed on University Union website as a resource available for students in regards to student event planning help.
Good luck with your semester and good luck ENGAGING students.
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