Art Piece: Stop Looking for Quick Solutions

Stop looking for temporary solutions and quick fixes to your problems. You only have so many opportunities to escape your circumstances in life/Artist credit: Paweł Kuczyński


One Word 2017 – JOY!

I have Joy in my life - don't get me wrong. This word choice is more about spreading joy more than finding joy. Here's the thing. My original middle name was Joy. Jennifer Joy. I only changed it when I got married, when I wanted my maiden last name as my middle name. Anyhow - … Continue reading One Word 2017 – JOY!

Motivational Monday :: Video

Here's your inspiration and motivation for this week:

Moto Monday!

Here's the thing. I feel this quote today. Even when you succeed, there could be after effects you don't see coming. After our huge speaker showed up, I thought I was done. I was tired, I was ready to take a day off - but that wasn't to be. Other issues arose, other questions to … Continue reading Moto Monday!

COMIC: All packed!

It's Friday! How did you face your anxiety and fear this week? How will you battle it next week?