Organizational Desktop Wallpaper ROUNDUP #2

A number of years ago I created a post about organizational desktop backgrounds and it has been one of the most popular articles on my site. I recently came across a few new ones that I really really liked, so I thought I'd write a new post featuring some new fun backgrounds. This is the … Continue reading Organizational Desktop Wallpaper ROUNDUP #2


Pen Dork. What’s your favorite?

After this wonderful article from Real Simple that brought out my inner pen dork, I decided to do a pen test. I haven't had a particular pen that I call my favorite in a while, mostly because I think I've lost most of them. {Probably took them home to enter the Black Hole of Things} … Continue reading Pen Dork. What’s your favorite?

Slide Share Day! 15 Lessons of Creativity

Decided to share once a week a really cool slideshow. Today's is from Lola Montalban: 15 Lessons of Creativity from Lola Montalban