A Student Affairs Event Planner’s Prayer

Dear Sweet Baby Jesus, As Physical Facilities spends their day toiling in the muggy heat with annoying little flying bugs swarming in the damp grass, I pray that you give them strength to finish their task and patience to deal with me and my exactly-planned-out map of where every single table should go. All 350 … Continue reading A Student Affairs Event Planner’s Prayer


Organizational Desktop Wallpaper ROUNDUP #2

A number of years ago I created a post about organizational desktop backgrounds and it has been one of the most popular articles on my site. I recently came across a few new ones that I really really liked, so I thought I'd write a new post featuring some new fun backgrounds. This is the … Continue reading Organizational Desktop Wallpaper ROUNDUP #2

Fresh Style for a New Year of Organization.

It's a New Year. It's time for a refresher course in personal organization. I would like to do a series of posts based on different elements of organization. I'd like to start with planners. Most of us in the Student Affairs world are probably using some form of Outlook, Google email/mail and even though paper … Continue reading Fresh Style for a New Year of Organization.