Stop. Think. Are you engaged at work? Why do you work in HigherEd?

A must read! I see this Hierarchy at work everyday.



Infographic from

Yesterday, I came across this interesting infographic mashup that maps worker engagement onto the classic pyramid of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.  (Thanks for sharing Dustin Ramsdell!)  Given that I am job searching myself, while also attempting to build a culture of engagement at my current institution, this infographic really spoke to me.  Much like Tuckman’s theory of group development (forming, storming, norming, performing), reaching the “highest stage” of “performing,” or in this case, “self-actualization” is actually quite rare.  It’s also incredibly rewarding when it is achieved.

This got me thinking:

  • How does a workplace promote self-actualized engagement?
  • How does a workplace build a culture where this is more likely to occur?


  • What does high-level self-actualized engagement feel like to me?
  • What mental work must I do so that I’m open to receiving and achieving high level engagement and satisfaction?
  • How do job candidates evaluate whether a workplace has the potential to…

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