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Tales of Halloweens Past

Today I was interviewed for “Humans of Binghamton University” who were supposed to be doing a piece on costumes on Halloween. I had on my “Smarty Pants” outfit and they asked me about past costumes. I immediately had my favorite come to mind, but when I got home, I pulled out some old photos and started to reminisce.

Southern Belle. The prettiest dress I ever owned besides my wedding dress. I found it in a Salvation Army or some such. I adored this costume. When people tell me now I don’t look my age, I want to show them shots from college and then you’d really see it. Another interesting part of this photo – always the Star Wars nerd. Always. This was my senior year of college at UNC-Asheville and I wore it again the next year in grad school.







Wierd Doctor. I was working at the NC School of the Arts in Residence Life and really wanted to wear scrubs ’cause they always seemed so comfortable. Clearly I have a kids doctor set and for some reason thought red glitter would be cool, but just made it look like I had some sort of wierd rash.



My first costume in New Orleans. I used to collect Pillsbury Doughboy kitchen items and so this was a natural choice. Some people thought I was H. R. Puffinstuff and I be like, “NO!” I even made Mardi Gras beads to illustrate my point.




Hands down my favorite Halloween EVER. New Orleans. Bourbon Street with co-workers. I dressed liked an old grandma. Moomoo, cane, bad hose, house slippers and glasses with the necklace glasses holder. I also had a big bag with cats all over it. I would walk up to strangers all hunched over and say, “You remind me of my grandson!” and give them strange things out of my bag. So. much. fun.








So last but certainly not least, was the time Joe and I were dating and I was dressed as his Girlfriend / Ole Ball – n- Chain. I thought it was funny. Some might think it “not-so-feminist” HOWEVER I loved it because I KNEW it was what some guys think and I loved bringing attention to the ridiculousness of the concept.



Anyway, those are some Halloweens Past. Having a kid now, and not really attending parties keeps me from needing costumes truly these days, but I will never stop loving Halloween.



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